Fit To Be Pregnant

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“Unlock the Little Known Secrets to Thriving Nutrition & Exercise Throughout Your Pregnancy Journey and Beyond! Dive into our expert guide to nurturing your body and baby with optimal nutrition and fitness strategies, ensuring a radiant pregnancy experience while reclaiming your pre-baby body confidence. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to empowerment!”


Little Known Secrets To Nutrition & Exercise During & After Pregnancy!


Conceiving and giving birth are two extraordinary wonders of life. Many women, when posed with the question, “What was the most notable occurrence in your life?” frequently mention pregnancy and childbirth.

It is akin to a divine blessing. The profound feelings that pregnancy and childbirth can evoke in parents are undeniable.

Although pregnancy is often seen as a wonderful and fulfilling experience, it is important to acknowledge that there are crucial aspects of nutrition and fitness that must not be overlooked.

Additionally, there is a contrasting aspect to this gleaming currency. Many women frequently experience a sentiment that pregnancy has negatively impacted their well-proportioned physique and that the presence of stretch marks has altered their appearance.

3 reviews for Fit To Be Pregnant

  1. Megan Clark

    Awesome book if you’re an athlete planning to become pregnant or already pregnant! This book gave me the confidence and advice I needed to continue with workouts through 3/4 of my pregnancy. As a marathon runner I was able to run two half marathons during my pregnancy and a 10k at 7.5 months. There’s a great section on post partum and getting back in the swing if things also. I have since lent this to a friend and she loved it too!

  2. Natalie Gray

    I couldn’t put this book down! From preconception to postpartum, it covers every aspect of fitness and health for expectant mothers with clarity and compassion. A valuable resource for anyone looking to have a happy, healthy pregnancy.

  3. Grace Harrison

    As a soon-to-be mom, ‘Fit To Be Pregnant’ was a beacon of hope amidst the overwhelming sea of pregnancy advice. I found the chapter on prenatal yoga lacking in sufficient detail and guidance for beginners like myself. Overall, though, it’s a valuable resource for staying active and healthy during pregnancy.

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