A Parents Guide to Common Core

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“Curious about what your kids are learning in school? This eBook delves into Common Core, explaining its principles, popularity, and impact on classrooms. Discover strategies for adapting to changes, understanding math and English standards, and assessing your child’s progress. Stay informed and support your child’s education journey with confidence.”


What Are They Teaching My Kids? This eBook covers several subjects including an explanation of what common core is, the reasons for its current popularity, how to adapt to changes in the classroom, the math and English standards associated with common core, and methods for evaluating a child’s progress with common core.

1 review for A Parents Guide to Common Core

  1. Addison Coleman

    Practical and Informative! I found ‘A Parent’s Guide to Common Core’ to be an invaluable resource for understanding the educational standards my child is expected to meet. The examples and tips offered throughout the ebook were practical and easy to implement, making it an essential read for any parent wanting to support their child’s academic journey.

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